Refereerapporten ‘Computers & Mathematics with Applications’

N.a.v. deze blogpost, heb ik zonder succes geprobeerd de refereerapporten te achterhalen. ‘Computers & Mathematics with Applications’ stond al niet heel hoog in mijn persoonlijke top-duizend van bladen, en dat is niet veel beter geworden.

Eerst schreef ik aan de editor in chief. Het door het blad vermelde e-mail adres klopte niet. Daarna schreef ik onderstaande mail aan een andere editor:

On Jan 11, 2013, at  3:14 AM, Marco de Baar <> wrote:

I write to you as you are listed as one of the the managing editors of ‘Computers & Mathematics with Applications’ and because the e-mail address of the chief editor Leszek Demkowicz [ ] seems to be flawed.

It was reported in the Huffington Post that a single-page paper with a one-line abstract with the title “A computer application in mathematics” written by M. Sivasubramanian and S. Kalimuthu (from Budweiser) was retracted from ‘Computers & Mathematics with Applications.’ Allegedly, the paper did not satisfy the quality standards of your magazine, and did not contain any scientific contribution.

I am particularly interested in scientific misconduct and it would be very interesting to understand how this paper managed to surface. My main motivation is to try to understand how scientific quality standards can be ensured, a topic on which I regularly blog (in Dutch, see ). Therefore, I kindly request to see the retracted contribution and its referee reports. It goes without saying that I understand the delicacy of this, and that I will not AT ANY TIME abuse your trust,  tamper with or reveal the documents you may provide, or reveal the identity of the referees.

Het antwoord leert ons niets, behalve dat editor Jay Gopalakrishnan geen zin heeft om iets te doen met mijn verzoek:

Dear Prof. de Barr —

I was not involved with this journal when this paper was published. Therefore I am sorry that I have no information on how this paper was published.

Best, –Jay Gopalakrishnan

Over Marco de Baar
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