Boeiend project van Grant Steen, die probeert te achterhalen waarom wetenschappers frauderen. Je kunt in contact met Steen treden via mail (in artikel).

Retraction Watch

Regular Retraction Watch readers may find the name Grant Steen familiar. Steen has published a number of important papers on retractions, most recently in PNAS. Recently, he approached us for help with what sounds like another project that is likely to increase our understanding of misconduct in science: Steen wants to gather the stories of those involved in fraud. We’re happy to present his explanation of the project, and his requests:

Why is there fraud in science?

Scientists believe—or at least profess to believe—that science is a process of iteratively approaching Truth.  Failed experiments are supposed to serve as fodder for successful experiments, so that clouded thinking can be clarified.  Observations that are fundamentally true are thought to find support, while observations that are flawed in some way are supplanted by better observations.

Why then would anyone think that scientific fraud can succeed? 

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  1. Mark zegt:

    Suggereer je dat onder jouw blog readers zich fraudeurs bevinden? :-))

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